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Is an Indexed Universal Life Policy Good For you?

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Your Policy Illustration At-a-Glance Will Include

Life insurance coverage

This illustration reflects an initial death benefit of your choosing with a level death benefit option. A minimum no-lapse protection feature guarantees your policy will last to age 80 as long as the necessary premium requirements have been met.

Living benefits

Offers early access to a portion of your death benefit if diagnosed with either a terminal or a chronic illness as provided on the policy.

Tax-deferred accumulation

Accumulation values may earn interest on a tax-deferred basis. You can take loans and withdrawals from your policy, resulting in a tax-advantaged income stream, as long as you have funded your policy adequately.

Over-loan protection

Comes with a Lapse Guard rider. This rider prevents your policy from lapsing and triggering a potentially large taxable event due to outstanding loans.


Life Insurance Coverage

First and foremost, life insurance protection. Your income helps provide for those who count on you. can help provide protection from the financial consequences of your death by replacing lost income, paying for college expenses, or covering any expenses that come due. Your income is important to your family. Without it, your legacy could become one of their financial worries.


Cash Value* Accumulation Potential

Also provides the opportunity to accumulate cash value* for future needs. You can select interest crediting options that are based on the performance of the S&P 500® market index. And even though your interest rate is based on the index performance, your money is never actually invested in the market. Because of the index interest crediting feature, this policy offers greater potential for growth than a traditional fixed interest universal life policy.

When properly structured, this cash value* can be accessed through tax-advantaged policy loans or withdrawals and can help with such cash needs as supplemental college funding, retirement income or money for emergencies.


Helps you financially protect your family and potentially build accumulation value for your future use. It can be a good feeling knowing you’ve helped provide financial protection for your loved ones.

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